1 September, 2023


Navigating the World of Custom Clear Aligners with Dr. Gilbert

Custom Clear aligners

Orthodontics has progressed leaps and bounds from traditional braces to sophisticated clear aligners. Dr. Gilbert, the mind behind Gilbert Orthodontics, is at the forefront of these advancements. With state-of-the-art technologies and innovative products, Dr. Gilbert ensures that each patient receives a tailored experience in their quest for the perfect smile.

Intraoral Scanners: Mapping the Path to Perfection

An accurate impression is paramount in orthodontic treatment. With intraoral scanners, Dr. Gilbert captures intricate details of the oral landscape. Say goodbye to messy molds and embrace swift, precise scans that lay the foundation for customized treatments.

intraoral scanner for custom clear aligners
3d printer for custom clear aligners

3D Printing: Bringing Aligner Designs to Life

After obtaining a precise scan, the magic of 3D printing comes into play. At Gilbert Orthodontics, we harness this technology to craft clear aligners that snugly fit each patient’s unique dental structure, ensuring both comfort and efficacy.
Discover the 3D printing marvels with Dr. Gilbert today.

Invisalign: The Pinnacle of Discreet Orthodontic treatment

Invisalign has become synonymous with clear aligners, and Dr. Gilbert, with his expertise, has helped countless patients transform their smiles without the noticeable presence of traditional braces.
Thinking about Invisalign? Dive into our comprehensive Invisalign guide with Dr. Gilbert.